Tattoo Paulicies

I’ll tattoo any skin type and skin color to the best of my ability. I’ll tattoo anyone of any gender, race, ethnicity, religion or lack thereof, sexual orientation, (legal) age, and ability. I use vegan inks and eco-friendly supplies whenever possible.

I do not (currently) tattoo throats, faces, heads, butts, genitals, or soles of feet.

I prefer arms and legs but will tattoo shoulders, torsos, back of neck, fingers, tops of hands and clean feets.

I am interested in palms but they will likely require (free) touchups.

Predrawn designs

Available predrawn designs and flash are kept up to date in my Instagram story highlights.
 I add new designs pretty regularly as spots open up.

Many designs are now repeatable. 
This is noted on the design in my story highlights.

I have also now started including a size range for each design.

Custom tattoos

I usually only do custom designs for previous clients.
I announce when I am taking on customs from new clients but I’m always open to:
  • freehanded fronds, leaves, or thorns
  • simple palm or finger tattoos
  • a variation of one of my designs

(if those are what you’re after, just email me at paul.devay@gmail)

No matter what I am very unlikely to take on any project that involves religious imagery, guns, appropriation (I’m v white), other artists’ work, portraits of any kind, hate symbols, geometric patterns, long text/quotes/names, or color.