George Floyd Woodcut

$50.00 USD

  • Image of George Floyd Woodcut
  • Image of George Floyd Woodcut

11"x14" woodcut print on a few different acid-free papers

NOTE: 100% of the money (everything not just profits) from these prints will go to Black Lives Matter or the Black Resilience Fund.

In a fit of emotional despondence I made woodcuts of George Floyd to commemorate this moment in the collective realization of intelligent white people that we're all racist and we've been complicit through laziness in upholding a fucked up system.

These are all highly unique because of the amount of ink in each print.

Image of Sigils I Woodcut
Sigils I Woodcut
$33.00 USD
Image of Skull Crab Woodcut
Skull Crab Woodcut
$15.00 USD
Image of Fiddle Leaf Woodcut
Fiddle Leaf Woodcut
$15.00 USD
Image of Fox Woodcut
Fox Woodcut
$20.00 USD
Image of Otter Woodcut
Otter Woodcut
$15.00 USD
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