Booking and Aftercare


I currently open my books for each season (Spring/Summer/Fall/Winter). I am still learning my speed and limitations so this is the easiest way for me to adjust the number of custom and flash projects I take on per day/week/month.

I charge a $20 deposit to reserve flash and a $40 deposit to reserve custom designs. These both go toward the final cost of the tattoo.

I charge a variable custom fee depending on the request and placement. I have a long list of my policies and what kind of custom projects I take on in my Instagram highlights.

I accept payment through Venmo, Cashapp, or cash.

I generally try to tattoo Friday through Monday.

Swordfern Studio

Swordfern is my private licensed studio facility equipped with single-use instruments and following industry standard disinfecting and sterilization methods.


With Saniderm/Adhesive wrap

  1. Leave the bandage on at least 24hrs, preferably up to 5 days if you can stand it. Take it off if it looks dark red around the edges, if it leaks, or if there is a large amount of fluid.
  2. Remove the bandage in a warm shower but not directly in the stream of water. Going slow is advised to avoid damaging skin and the tattoo.
  3. Once the bandage is off, follow standard tattoo healing procedure as outlined below.

With an absorbent bandage

  1. Leave the bandage on overnight, be wary that it may leak on clothes and sheets.
  2. Remove the tape and pad, and gently wash the tattoo with plain Dr. Bronner's or a gentle unscented soap.

After the bandage is removed, for two weeks:

  • Lightly wash the tattoo with your clean hand at least 2 times a day with a gentle unscented soap.
  • Dry with paper or clean towels, and moisturize with an unscented moisturizer or tattoo aftercare product like Hustle Butter
  • Aquaphor works well in small quantities but can clog pores if too much is used. It's also made of petroleum.
  • Make sure your sheets and clothes in contact with the tattoo are clean. Avoid tight clothes around the tattoo area.
  • Do not expose the tattoo to a direct stream of water or submerge it underwater.
  • Do not expose the tattoo directly to sunlight. After it is healed always use sunscreen to avoid fading.
  • Avoid contact with pets and contaminants.
  • It might itch before and after you take the bandage off, usually days 2-7 of healing. Do not directly scratch the tattoo or any scabs/peelings.
  • Often itching is caused by ingrown hairs around the tattoo that can be fixed for some relief. Do not attempt to fix them in the tattoo area until the tattoo is healed, though.
  • Itching can also be relieved by a cold compress for short amounts of time. It is also often a cue to wash and moisturize the tattoo.